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02 Nov

The Annabel Williams Book of Wedding and Portrait Photography
By Annabel Williams
Published by Rotovision
1st Published 2003

Annabel Williams is an award winning wedding and portrait photographer from Britain. In my efforts to do wedding photography I set out to study leading photographers from around the world and her name appears frequently in my research. I bought this book for RM112.42 from Kinokuniya KLCC as soon as I spotted it and I must say I was not disappointed.

The book is divided into 2 sections, Portraits and Weddings. The Portraits section covers the whole gamut of portraits from make-up and clothes to working with children. All the sections are filled with beautiful portraits that are just the kind I like. Some of the pictures are accompanied with the lighting sketches that can be easily replicated by the reader. And there are lots and lots of tips in it to make your portrait photography better. I learnt a lot from this section, which now forms part of my photographic skills.

The Weddings section is as extensive as the Portraits section. Again, accompanied by a lot of images for illustration, it is a fine example of contemporary wedding photography. She writes,

‘The wedding day is a landmark occasion in a person’s life. This means that you have a responsibility to treat every wedding that you photograph as if it were the most important event of the year because, to the bride and groom, that’s exactly what it is…. And it’s up to you to complement the occasion’.

Wise words from a very wise photographer. Every conceivable part of a wedding is covered from the pre-wedding shot, massive group family photos to how to treat and handle your clients. The other thing I really like about this book is that each image is accompanied not only by a write up of the scene and how the photograph was taken but also by data on camera, lens and exposure (aperture, shutter and ISO) making it easy to study and replicate in the field.

This book comes very highly recommended.

The Art of Digital Wedding Photography
Professional techniques with style
By Bambi Cantrell and Skip Cohen
Amphoto books
1st published 2006

From Britain’s Annabel Williams we go across the Pacific to America’s Bambi Cantrell, another award winning photographer. Though of a different contemporary style to Ms Williams, Bambi Cantrell’s book is just as informative and just as good. Focusing purely on weddings, the book is divided into Pre-event, event, image processing and delivery. And yes, lots and lots of gorgeous images with all the info you need to replicate them (camera, lens, exposure and post processing techniques). The section on post-processing is particularly interesting as it talks about a lot of non-conventional ways of processing your image.

Another book that comes highly rcommended.

I would say that both books together has taught me more about photography than probably all my other books combined (and I have lots of other books). Wedding photography has it all – portrait, groups, macro, indoor, outdoor, details, architecture, action – and mastering wedding photography is actually mastering all of photography. These 2 books are well worth the investment.


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