Featured Portrait – Sal

02 Nov

Make thy two eyes like stars start from their spheres..

Sal is a friend of mine and we were both attending a conference. I spent hours taking her photo and using different poses and different lenses. This is the best of the best. I think eyes have to be pin sharp in portraits and I’m very pleased with how her eyes really popped out. Taken with the Canon EOS 5D but this time with the 100mm macro lens with the MR 14-EX ring flash (which isn’t really powerful enough for portrait work and the catchlight on the eyes is not really pleasant because of the ‘gap’ in the ring).

Sal was sitting on the floor and I stood on a chair pointing the camera down to her. The trickiest part here is to get her to angle her head just nice. Too much of ‘looking up’ and she will look cross eyed. Too much down and it will look like a normal head on portrait. The other thing I find about this portrait is that her head scarf creates a nice frame for the face whilst her blouse created a base for the whole image which I think works here because of the very shallow depth of field.

I have since sold the 5D to finance my newly acquired Canon EOS 1DIII which is my first professional 1 series camera. I also sold off the 100mm macro and the ring flash as it was extremely under utilised.

Taken at aperture priority f/2.8 1/60. RAW conversion done in Canon DPP and bw conversion in PS Elements. Dodging and burning done in PS Elements as well.


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