Featured Books – Black & White Photography Techniques with Adobe Photoshop

06 Nov

Black & White Photography Techniques with Adobe Photoshop
By Maurice Hamilton
Publisher Amherst Media
First Published 2006

b&w digital technique

This was one of the first books I bought to study digital black and white conversion techniques. Its divided into 7 parts with an 8th part being a gallery of images. The parts are as follows:

1. Basic concepts – there is an introduction on the digital zone system which I found to be very useful and started me on an obsession with mastering it. This section also includes a discussion on the histogram and curves. Good section
2. The digital darkroom – this section discussion the preparation you need to go through in setting up your digital darkroom including calibrating the monitor.
3. The master image – before the digital black and white conversion process, the image needs to be ‘prepped’ up and optimized for conversion. This section discusses analyzing the histogram, brightness and colour adjustments (amongst other things)
4. Conversion to black and white – the most enlightening section for me. This section discusses and explains no less than 10 black and white conversion methods and highlights the pros and cons of each. I am still exploring these conversion methods even now.
5. Colourising a black and white image – a bonus section as far as I was concerned. Black and white may not be enough for some and this section proposes and explains techniques such as split toning and tinting.
6. Special effects – another bonus section for me. This section discusses effects such as infrared
7. The Print – crucial in black and white photography is actually printing the image. Printing being the last stage of the process is often the most overlooked which is a shame as printing can mean the difference between a good image and a great one.
8. Image Gallery

I like this book and it still remains a reference point for me as I master black and white digital photography. I would say that about 75% if my images have been converted to black and white so this book is ace for me (go here to see my black and white photos).

Highly recommended.


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