Of lights and tea

12 Nov

I just came out of a gruelling 6 hours shoot of The House of Puer Tea. It was a tricky affair and my technical skill (or what’s there of it) was really pushed to the max. The lighting was very complex due to the design of the Tea House as well as my own obsession with fulfilling the ‘vision’. There was a wall which had a huge picture on it (I think about 5 metres wide and 2 meters 2 tall. The sunlight would stream in and completely blow of the picture. Contrast was terrible and I tried so many ways to compensate for it. I finally did it from 1 angle and then I had to do it from another angle, this time with a glass top table thrown in. I don’t think I did a very good job of the secong angle.

I found that the more I make attempts to be creative with the artificial lighting, the more miserable I fail. The shots where I took the camera off the tripod and just started blasting away were very good whilst the others where I took time to think about the shot came out flat. Sigh……….

I console myself by saying that This is the first time for me but I don’t feel that that is a good enough reason. Must do this again, and this time better, to redeem myself.

I’ll post pictures up later……….


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