Canon 1D Mark III recall update

14 Nov

Well. I finally did it. I called my local Canon helpdesk to ask 4 very simple questions:

1. when the fix will commence
2. how long will it take
3. Will they give me a loan unit while I’m waiting?
4. will the warranty be extended beyond the 1 year from the original date of my purchase?

And I was given a resounding ‘I don’t know’ to all these questions. Instead, I am told that ‘we are waiting for Singapore to tell us’ and that the problem is still being investigated. I told them that they have posted a notice on their website so how could it be possible that they are still investigating?

I’m a very patient person but my patience is running thin. Suddenly that 200-400mm f/4 thingy from Nikon seems inviting…..

See previous post here…..


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