Of brooms and trophies

19 Nov

One of my joys in life when I wake up everyday these days is to read the newspapers or browse the Internet for news and updates of the broom award. So many people have come out against the award saying its not appropriate or its rude or it goes against the Malay sensibilities. I wrote earlier,

‘That everyone is focused on the broom instead of expressing shock horror about the inadequacies of the agencies involved and, dare I say, find out ways and means to resolve them’.

Well, it still puzzles me why we rather focus on the appropriateness of the event rather than the intention that lay behind it. We’ve had 2 major highly publicised tragedies in the last 6 months, the Mersing ferry incident and the bus accident and during both incidences we all cry out shock horror and demand answers. And the answers usually involve some official in some agency who did not do his job. We suspend them

And I read the columns and articles in the weekend newspapers about how this is ‘menghina’ (demeaning) and that it’s not part of the Malay culture and that its counter productive. I find it offensive that we would rather focus on decorum and appropriateness rather than results and objectives. Even if people find the broom award distasteful, then suggest something THAT WOULD WORK in getting people to do their jobs and unfortunately, letters and demerits doesn’t seem to be working….

The Selangor MB isn’t actually one of my favourite politicians and I disagree with a lot of things that’s being done but this broom thing?

Broom On………….

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