Results of Malaysian General Election 2008

09 Mar

I stayed up till 4 AM this morning to catch the results of the general election. It was already apparent that things are changing and that something new is brewing. When I got up this morning to read the results from the online papers, all I could  say is ‘wow’. Malaysia woke up to a new world today as 5 states are now in the hands of the opposition (see The Star).I’ve always thought that a stronger opposition is not necessarily bad for the country so it is interesting now to see what happens. I hope everyone would take stock of the messages sent by voters and make some changes to the way things are done. Whatever the case, the future looks different now. Whether its good or bad remains to be seen.


One of the things I await with anticipation is how things will change both from the parties in government as well as the parties in the opposition. It seems that Malaysian voters are now not afraid of sounding their views and opinions (at least at the polls). To me, this is probably the most important day on the history of this country. The opposition parties now have their chance to put their money where their mouth is in 5 states. The parties in government now has to go back to the drawing board and change their philosophy and ideology. All in all, its good for Malaysia. There was a shroud of fear before this day, but now that fear is a little bit less and that is marvelous.


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