Terengganu Menteri Besar

24 Mar

Well. The saga of the Malaysian General Elections is continuing (and has now become much more interesting than the American primaries). The Terengganu State Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) appointed by The Regency Advisory Council of Terengganu has appointed someone else instead of the incumbent MB. I don’t want to say much here other than that the only body who is able to call any of these acts as unconstitutional would be the Judiciary. Someone has to go the judiciary and ask for a declaration that the appointment is unconstitutional. The only question is who will that someone be?

Could it be the incumbent?
Could it be UMNO?
Could it be the ADUNs?
Could it be the Executive?
Could it be the Attorney General?
Could it be a concerned citizen?

But the more interesting question would be, who will answer the case?
Could it be the Sultan (or the Regency Advisory Council)?
Could it be the State?
Could it be the newly appointed ‘rogue’ MB?

Looks like the courts are going to have a storm coming their way soon. Worrying? Yes. Of course but also exciting times. The unpredictability of the situation is going to change the future of this country as the implications are enormous.Anyway, that’s my musings for the day.


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