Lighting Diagrams

01 Jun

I am starting to put up lighting diagrams for the lighting setups that I am experimenting with Its part of my desire to share knowledge with the world. Maybe not so much what to do but more on what not to do.

I’ve already posted 3. Read on if you want to see them.

Anyway, you can use it to replicate the pictures. Copyright of this stuff is retained. Some credit to my blog would be great. For anyone who wants to know, the lighting diagrams were made using MS Powerpoint. I tried using CS3 but found it to be to slow. Powerpoint is quicker and I can generate these diagrams in a few minutes. I try to include as many information as I can about the setup including camera and speedlites settings. Let me know if there’s anyway that I can improve it.

What did you call me?

Self portrait

Self portrait

Sharing stuff like this is actually a good thing as I’m forced to think more about the lighting effects I want.


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