Self Portrait with the sax

03 Jun

Reza with the sax

Wow. I have spent the last 3 hours trying to get this one right. I wanted to balance the light on my face and reduce the contrast there. The problem is that I would spoil the shadow effect (which I wanted). Everything I tried would cast a spill onto the shadow. Anyway, this is going to be one of those images that’s gonna float around in my head until I get it right. I’ll post the lighting diagram with the explanation later. The lighting diagram is below.

Lighting Diagram

The most difficult part of this image is to get the angle of the shadow right (it doesn’t help that it’s a self portrait either. That’s why it took so long). I had a lot of great poses but a lot of times, the shadow of the saxophone was not captured in whole. So there was a lot of experimenting and repositioning of the light speedlite. I kinda like the fact that the light caught my glasses (see in shadow).

By the way, I do play the sax (though not very well). I had to choose to either focus my efforts on photography or on the saxophone. I chose photography though I’m getting that nagging feeling that I need to put more effort in the sax.

I was wearing a kurta which I bought in India during my trip there. I’m not brave enough to wear it outside but I felt it was perfect for this shot.


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