On the streets with an artist….

06 Oct

Taking a break

Leica M6 TTL
50mm f/2.0 Summicron
Fujicolour Pro 400H

Leica M6
50mm Summicron f/2.0 at f/2.0
Fujicolour Pro 400H

I went on walkabout today and went to Central Market hoping to see some unique characters. You can see a lot of artists here who make a living doing streetside portraits. This is one of them.

He was taking a break and I just went up to him, smiled and pointed to my camera. He smiled back and nodded and then completely ignored me which was brilliant. None of that smile to the camera stuff. I find that shooting on manual metering mode gives me more flexibility than on aperture priority. I used to want to want all my images to be evenly lit. But nowadays I give myself more creative license to have a play on shadows. It gives me a more moody and dramatic effect.

The strong contrast here was achieved by processing the jpeg in Lightroom. I boosted up the black sliders and reducing exposure.

The sun was shining on his right and created a nice light on him.


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