The amazing G7

12 Oct

I often walk around with The Canon Powershot G7 and My Leica M6. Truth be told, I use the G7 to check my exposure on the Leica. Since doing this, I have gained new found respect for the G7. It’s actually a brilliant camera.

Tree Reflections

One of the things I like about the G7 is the fact that the controls for manual exposure is so easy, just like a rangefinder. I will meter with the Leica M6 and then check the metering by taking a shot at the same settings with the G7, kinda like using a digital polaroid.

Because of that, I tend to compose on the G7 the same way I would with the Leica. I notice that the pictures produced by this little camera is actually very nice. The only disadvantage about the G7 is that Canon for some reason didn’t put in a RAW film output so everything is JPEG.

Tree at Titiwangsa

It’s so good that I am considering getting the newer G series, the Canon Powershot G10. If it does work out, then maybe experimenting with it as a camera at future wedding events. If it works out, then I take a whole bunch of weight off my neck.


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