Bird in flight

23 Oct

Sometimes, you walk around and something happens in a split second. You have to be ready to take that shot. When I’m just walking around I always have my camera in a ready position which is simply setting it at f/8, adjusting the shutter for correct exposure and focussed at the hyperfocal distance. When something happens I allow myself to react instinctively. Point and shoot. If I have the time I refocus to get maximum sharpness. Most of the time the moment is lost and a second shot is either not possible or not interesting enough.

This is one such occasion. I was at Batu Caves the other day and was about to go home. Batu Caves has a lot of pigeons flying around and I saw a pigeon about to land about 5 meters in front of me. I quickly took my camera to eye level and snapped this shot.

Bird in flight

I’m very happy with this one. Everything else has blurred out through motion but the bird is in the acceptably sharp zone. I also like the fact that I managed to frame the bird within the frame. A complete fluke and totally reliant on luck but one I would have never have gotten if the camera was not in the ready position thanks to hyperfocal focussing. Could I have done it with a dSLR? I’m not sure. Anything’s possible but I think highly improbable.


Leica M6 TTL
50mm Summicron f/2.0
Lucky SHD 100
Ilford ID-11 at 10 minutes@24 deg c


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