Walkabout 22 October 2008

23 Oct

I went on walkabout today. Filled my bag with lots of film and just drove to the middle of Kuala Lumpur, parked the car and went walkabout.

During the walk, I went to Chow Kit Road which has a large market and people sell all sorts of stuff. It is also a place where you see a lot of disabled people sitting with small packets of tissue paper to sell. You buy them for about RM1.

No parking

This old man was sitting next to a ‘No Parking’ sign and I thought it was quite poignant. I gave him some money and took 3 shots. The others were bad, This one held quite well.

In the same area, I saw a cat and started stalking it with the camera. This one is quite striking to me. Looks like a Macavity.


Having spent a few hours in the Chow Kit Road area, I took the car to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa which is big lake in Kuala Lumpur surrounded by greenery. The sky was blue with lots of clouds. With a red filter attached I took some shots.

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

but my favourite of the day has got to be the KL skyline with the Petronas Twin Towers. You get the best view of the twin towers from Titiwangsa and on the a day like this, you will see the skyline in all its glory..

Sky over Twin Towers

I want to go for another walkabout tomorrow as I am not happy with my current success rate. To get these 4 shots I had to take 4 rolls. Part of it (actually a lot of it) is due to improper development. I am still getting some surge marks here and these as well as uneven development. I am going to do better tomorrow.

All shots except for the cat taken with the Leica M6 TTL and 50m Summicron f/2.0. The cat was taken with Pentax LX and 50mm SMC f/1.2

Lucky film SHD 100 processed in Ilford 1D-11 1+3 for 10 minutes at 24 deg c.


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