To M8 or not to M8?

03 Nov

I have fallen in love with rangefinder shooting and film. Ever since I got my Leica M6 TTL I’ve taken about 50 rolls of film. There’s just something about it that makes you want to make any excuses to take pictures. I still have my dSLR and lenses and use it to take pictures but I have to admit that its losing its appeal. I can still make great pictures with them and I’ll probably continue to use it but I now feel the lure of the Leica M8.

I have been resisting the lure for a few months now and have been entertaining thoughts of getting a Hasselblad medium format film camera. There are some good bargains out there. But the more I use the Leica M6 the more I am attracted to the M8. One of the main reasons I have been resisting the Leica M8 is that its not a perfect camera yet. There are still a lot of flaws with it the main one being the very high noise factor at high ISOs and the magenta casting issue. You can read a field test review of the Leica M8 by Michael Kamber who took it to Iraq.

On the other hand there are also favourable reviews out there. One that I just read is Bruno Steven’s ‘The Leica M8 on Assignment in the Digital Journalist.

Reviews aside though I know I will be happy with it but I can’t at the moment bear the thought of spending tons of money on something that I have to learn to live with rather than something I will treasure. But I have to admit, the lure is becoming stronger and stronger especially whenever I pass the few camera shops that has the Leica M8 on display.



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