11 Nov

Mr Freeze

Walking in Bukit Bintang you can sometimes see strange and wonderful things. This fellow created quite a stir when he started his act. He just stood there motionless sometimes for minutes. Once in awhile he moves to a new position. I would love to see his eyes but I suppose he keep it hidden to hide the pain of discipline…

Mr Freeze

I wonder what it feels like. I can’t stay still for 1 second but imagine to be completely motionless for minutes or 10s of minutes…

Mr Freeze



Mr Freeze


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One response to “Freeze

  1. ly-d

    November 15, 2008 at 2:23 am

    ahh… brings back memories of burke and collins st in melbourne cbd. they have a lot of these street artistes – i’ve seen bronze, silver and gold statues.

    keeps bringing to mind an animated mr bean episode where he actually tortures the street artiste by tickling / poking with a sharp object and finally transplanting the guy to his front lawn.


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