Featured Portraits – Danic

19 Jan

Portraits - Danic

Sometimes the best portraits I have taken are the ones which had the least preparation, the least amount of thought and the least amount of expectations.

Like this one of Danic. I was preparing for a very important portrait shoot and my friend Danic had kindly agreed to lending himself to me for a few minutes while I tested some equipment. This one was literally taken on the fly. The setup took about 2 minutes. I shoot through umbrella on camera left placed at 90 deg to camera pointing straight to Danic’s ear. The on camera flash was used as a master (but without flash firing). The slave was set at 1/8th power (I think). The shutter speed set to 1/250 to kill all ambient light.

I like the intensity of this image. I was wondering if a little fill light (using the on camera axis flash) would have made it stronger but I now think it was the right move. Very fortunate for Danic’s left eye to catch the light (no matter how little) resulting in a glimmer of the eyes….

Canon EOS 40D
EF 50mm f.1.8
1/250 f/4 ISO 200 Manual exposure


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