Leica new camera??? The M9 mystery

02 Sep

I have been mulling the idea of getting a digital Leica for the last 6 months. ‘Shall I get it’ / ‘Shall I not get it’ and it was driving me crazy. One of the reasons I hesitated was because the Leica M8.2 is still not a ‘perfect’ camera’ and I couldn’t justify spending them money.

The internet has been abuzzed with rumours of new products from Leica to be launched at 0900 hours on 090909 and the big speculation was that it will be an M9 which will be a full frame digital range finder. One of the best sites taling about this can be found on Steven Huffs blog where he spends some time writing very good reviews on camera equipment (including the Leicas). He just opened a new rumours page dedicated to the mysterious Leica M9 and the 090909 launch. Leica by the way has been keeping mum on any new products to be released especially on the auspicious date.

Until now….

Needless to say, I will be having many sleepless nights (8 nights actually followed by agonisingly blissful fantasizing after that).


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