New Leica M9

10 Sep

Well, its finally official. Leica had announced the new Leica M9 last night, 090909. It sure looks impressive and for USD 7k it better be a great camera. I had considered getting one when the rumours began to circulate a few weeks ago about the 090909 launch. The other alternative is to get a used M8 or M8.2 (used prices for these cameras will surely drop now). I don’t have any Leica lens to start off with so I have to start from scratch. Instead of spending USD 7k on a body I would rather spend as much as can of that amount on lenses rather than the body. An M8/.2 and a 24mm f/1.4 would do me nicely.

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One response to “New Leica M9

  1. Fritz von Klein

    January 14, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    Hi Reza, you have put together a very nice blog, and your work is impressive. I stumbled across your blog when I searched for leads here in KL for Leica fans or clubs that might be able to recommend a good site to offer my modest collection of M series lenses (Noctilux and 90mm asph as well as standard 35mm) and M6 TTL with motor drive and a few accessories. I would sell the whole lot in one go, rather than piece by piece. All items are mint, rarely used, and not a scratch or nick to be seen. Any suggestions how best to offer them for sale to Leica diehards. I am afraid I just don’t shoot enough anymore and cannot afford the new M9. I dare not try one lest I change my mind. Thanks in advance for your advice. Best, Fritz von Klein


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