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Street Performers – Motionless in Bukit Bintang

Street Performers

I love walking around in Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur. There’s always something interesting to see and to photograph. I went there last week armed with my camera and came across this street performer. He was covered in silver paint and sat there motionless for more than an hour at a time. People would stand (or sit) next to him, put their hands on his shoulder in all manners of poses but he just sits there. Read the rest of this entry »


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Cat with a Holga….


I took this picture today. As much as I think its a great picture with nice tones to it, I am a bit puzzled why its ‘flawless’? Where is the strong vignette that a Holga is supposed to come with (I had to photoshop one in)? No light leaks. Its acceptably sharp to me. Strange….


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Save Palestine Graffiti

The mood of the day- Graffiti on Palestinian Situation

Its interesting to monitor this wall. I have not got a clue when they do the painting and am tempted to keep watch so I can take pictures of the artists. Its a good indication of what the people’s current sentiment and focus are. You can catch this wall at the temporary open air car park in Bukit Bintang…

Graffiti at Bukit Bintang....

Bukit Bintang Graffiti

Canon EOS 3
Ilford Delta 100 EI 400
D76 1+3 20 mins @ 24 deg c
Scanned in Canoscan 8800F


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Horses and Holgas…….

 Guard Horse

I took my Holga out for a spin the other day. One of the things about using the Holga is that you need to throw everything out the window and just press the shutter. You’ll get a picture but whether its a picture you want is a completely different matter. I find this image to be beautifully captured by the Holga. The heavy vignette just adds to the mood. This was taken in broad daylight wit the sun at its bestest bright….

Lucky 100 SHD EI 400 D-76 1+3 22 mins @ 24 deg c


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Holga 135 – Yay

Lamp Posts
Holga 135
Ilford Delta 100 EI 400 D76 1+3 20 mins @ 24 deg

I finally gave in and bought another toy. This time its the Holga 135. Read the rest of this entry »


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