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New Phase in Reza’s life

Thanks for coming by. I haven’t written any post in awhile as I focussing on a new personal project. Come read about it below. I also have a new website.  Come visit the new Reza Ali ReActivated Website.

About Reza Ali

Reza Ali Reactivated tells of the journey of Reza Ali as he embarks on transforming himself from a 120kg (35kg overweight) 46 inch waist unhealthy and unfit person to someone who can compete in a triathlon. Don’t be afraid to dream. Take action. Correct your mistakes. Learn from failures. Bit by bit, you will get closer to your dream.

If I Can Do It, So Can You…..

You can also come and support Reza by joining the Reza Ali ReActivated facebook fan page.


Girl in Cambodia

I like going back to images taken I’m the past and applying knowledge of new processing technique. I took about 7 pictures of this girl on Cambodia in 2006 and I never really paid much attention to this image. There’s a kind of moodiness to her. A sense of longing.


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