Seeing With The Right Eye

One of the things that attracted me to photography is that it teaches me to see. Most of the time, what we see and what is really there is 2 completely different things. When we perceive the world through our eyes, we only see what we want to see because of our experiences, our judgments and even our mood. But imagine a camera. It has no judgement. It records what is really there. It doesn’t choose. It just perceives. But still, a camera does what we tell it to do. But imagine if we were able to train our eye to behave as a camera would. To truly perceive the world as it is without judgment.

I picked these various tips, lessons and guides along the way and I thought I would record it down for you to experience and learn from.


One response to “Seeing With The Right Eye

  1. Francesco

    January 1, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    Dear Reza, with a few words you were able to solve out a problem..exactly what we need. Thank You. Wish You Happy 2008. Ciao Francesco


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