Exercise 2 – Machine Gun Debrief

Ok. So what’s the big deal here you might ask.

Well, I find that one of the things that can actually prevent us from taking great images is that we think too much. When we think, we become distracted by the idea of wanting to take a great picture. When that happens we become inhibited and we start judging the picture as good or bad before we even take the shot. When we force ourselves to act instinctively, thereby putting aside our thoughts, we begin to put aside judgments and our in built filters and just begin to perceive. This is a useful exercise for me as it frees my mind up an allows me to just focus on what is there. As Yoda said, ‘you must unlearn what you have learnt’.

I do this exercise once in awhile just to keep myself in check. If you do it again, try to do the exercis ein even lesser time. 10 seconds per shot maybe?

Below are some pictures which could potentially be part of my showcase…

Exercise 2_Machine Gun20.JPG

Exercise 2_Machine Gun08.JPG

Exercise 2_Machine Gun04.JPG

Exercise 2_Machine Gun39.JPG

Read the Machine Gun Instructions here……

See the assigment pictures here…..


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