Exercise 3 – The Sniper

Ok. I have another exercise for you. Take your camera and go outside. I want you to choose an object like a car or a bike or even a shoe. It can be anything. Stand about 5 meters away from the object. The more creative you are the better. Use the longest lens you have. If its a zoom, keep it at the long end and don’t zoom in. I would like you to take 10 pictures of this object but as you take each picture, move physically nearer to the object after each shot and move in as close as you can (even if you need to take more than 10 pictures, you can do so). Also as you move in just follow what your eyes see in that object. Just to illustrate, if you started with a car as your object, your first picture can be of the whole car. As you move in nearer your eye may start to be attracted to the back of the car and then to the tyres and so on and so forth.

You must do this within 1 minute or quicker (the quicker the better).

Once you’ve done this, find another object and repeat it until you have shot 10 objects.


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