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Camera equipment

I’ve never really entertained any discussions on whether Canon or Nikon is better and whenever anyone asked me I would always reply that each manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses. Canon’s strength has always been the wide selection of lenses (the EF 85mm f/1.2 L comes to mind as a stellar lens) Nikon has of late come back with a vengeance on lens selection bringing a with lot of new lenses to the market (though I notice no f/1.2 equivalent to the 85mm). I had always held Nikon has an edge (a big one) in is Creative Lighting System (CLS). Canon’s speedlite system and wireless capabilities had always fallen a bit short for me. If there was any reason for me to switch from Canon to Nikon it would be because of the CLS. Read the rest of this entry »


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Reza Ali Photography – Portrait Portfolio

I love taking portraits of people. There’s nothing like that feeling you get when someone see a print of their portrait for the first time. The big smile, the sparkle in the eye. Whatever inhibition or shyness they have disappears when they see a beautiful portrait of themselves.

These are a selection of portraits I have taken. I have chosen portraits to show a variety of styles that I have pursued. Taking a picture is really easy but taking a portrait that shows the essence of a person requires more than technical knowledge. The most difficult (and on the other hand, the easiest) aspect I find is to get a connection with the person I am taking a portrait of. A portrait is not only an image of a person but is a reflection of who the person is.

Reza Ali is a photographer in Malaysia specialising in portrait photography.


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Thanks for coming by. I haven’t written any post in awhile as I focussing on a new personal project. Come read about it below. I also have a new website.  Come visit the new Reza Ali ReActivated Website.

About Reza Ali

Reza Ali Reactivated tells of the journey of Reza Ali as he embarks on transforming himself from a 120kg (35kg overweight) 46 inch waist unhealthy and unfit person to someone who can compete in a triathlon. Don’t be afraid to dream. Take action. Correct your mistakes. Learn from failures. Bit by bit, you will get closer to your dream.

If I Can Do It, So Can You…..

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Portrait – Girl In Kebaya

Girl In Kebaya

I was asked to take portraits at an event recently. 45 Portraits and I had to do it in 2 hours. Man. What a rush. I spent the whole day experimenting on lights to see which is th emost versatile and easy to set up. I literally had about 3 minutes for each portrait so I had to work fast. More significantly I also had to make the person relaxed and comfortable.

The lighting strategy was a 300w light fixed with a12 inch diameter honyecomb dish. For some of the portraits I used either a reflector or a shoot through umbrella as fill in. On others I forego the fill in to create shadows on the side which I felt really borught in the mood of the portrait.

Needless to say, they all loved it.

Canon EOS 1D Mark III
EF 85mm f/1.2 L
f/14 1/125th ISO 200 Manual Exposure


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Portrait – Bon

Portrait - Bon

I took a series of shots of my cousin Bon yesterday. This one was a very simple shot. The afternoon sun was streaming from the window on camera right and I had to carefully meter the exposure so that I capture all the details. I added a simple gradient from top frame right to bottom frame left to give a little bit more depth to the image. I also did some dodging and burning to the face to increase the tonal range.

Canon EOS 1D Mark III
EF 85mm f/1.2 L
f/3.5 1/200th ISO 320 Aperture Priority


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Featured Photo – Cuppa?


I was asked to take pictures of a Tea Shop. What a daunting assignment. The Tea Shop is a quaint one and is full of little suprises in every nook and cranny. I have done my test shots and will go back tommorow for the proper shoot. This picture is a relatively simple one. It was done with available light only. The late afternoon was streaming in (unfortunately not directly as the windows doesn’t face west) hitting the pot from the back. The narrow dof provided by f/1.2 gave me just the right amount of sharpness I wanted.

Canon EOS 1D Mark III
EF 85 f/1.2 L II
f/1.2 1/125 ISO 200 Aperture Priority


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Portrait – Jana

Portrait - Jana

I took this portrait of Jana at the same time as Jaclyn’s. This one was actually a test shot while I was setting up the lights. But this is the one I like of Jana most. Again, I’m experimenting with Photoshop here.

Check out Jana’s Dad, Johnny, here…..

Canon 1D Mark III
EF 85mm f/1.2 L II
f/14 1/125th ISO 400 Manual Exposure


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Featured Portrait – Girl At Wedding


I have never seen such compelling eyes in such a young child. Very deep and very strong. I took this picture during a wedding. This one has the strongest impact (but it sure was tough choosing it). I decided not to use flash to keep the mood and I think it worked out very well. The eyes have it. When I took this picture she just stared deep into the lens. This was a tough one to take because of the whites involved.

Canon EOS 1D Mark III
85mm f/1.2 L
f/1.8 1/250th ISO 800 Aperture Priority


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