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Street Portraits 16 January 2009

Street Portraits

I felt very strange during today’s walk. I had several people who agreed to have their photo taken. I did take their picture but I wasn’t very happy with the outcome. It was as if I was afraid and hesitant to have human contact today and instead of going in close and get really connected, I hesitated and kept my distance.

Each portrait must be special otherwise so I must learn to overcome that so that I don’t waste time (mine or any other people).

Street Portraits

Street Portraits

Street Portraits


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Street Portraits 15 January 2010

Street Portraits

Sometimes I get to take pictures of very interesting characters. These 3 friends were just sitting down in the KLCC Park. I went up to them and asked them if I could take their picture. They didn’t say no (and they didn’t say yes either). They just looked at me with this look. One of them completely turned away from me and wouldn’t look at me. Was it a signal to go away? Read the rest of this entry »


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Putu piring at the night market


A pasar malam (night markets) is a kind of bazaar food, clothes and ornaments usually held once a week at any location. The the traders there would often rotate from pasar malam sites all over the particular locality. Read the rest of this entry »


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Street Portraits 12 January 2010

Street Portraits

One of the biggest change in the way I take pictures when I bought My Leica M8.2 was how easy it was to carry around. Gone are the days when I had to struggle with a zoom lens and another one in my backpack. I now carry a small cloth shoulder bag with some tiny M lenses and an extra battery. Not having equipment get in the way is like a breath of fresh air.

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What is this Leica glow??

I took these images today during a wedding I was invited to. I just can’t help bringing the camera. These 2 flower girls were getting ready to do their thing and I managed to snap a quick one.

I always thought the Leica ‘glow’ was a lot of nonsense but I take it all back. There is a kind of glow to the images I take with my M8.2. It’s not in all the images but when it’s there, it’s beautiful.

Is it the light? The aperture? The time of day? The subject? The mood? Is it destined to be completely dependent on luck?

Someone tell me how to replicate this?

2 Flower Girls


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