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Hello 2009

I woke up this morning and there is a freshness in the air. 2009 is finally here. I have been waiting for this day for quite awhile and now that it’s here, I can’t wait to get to work on some of the plans.

There is a lot of hopes and wishes. A lot of fears and and uncertainty too. I suppose they work hand in hand and you can’t take one without the other.

The first order of the day. Take pictures of this day.


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2008- Pictures by Reza Ali


2008 was a year of great growth for me. If I were to list it all the things which has happened to me in terms of my photography, the list would be long indeed. But here are 5 highlights:

January – Trip to India. New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur

May- embarking on journey of off camera lighting

September – embarking of journey of mastering black and white film (and my first Leica M)

October – first sale of an image

November – first proper professional shoot

Each of these events is significant for my photograph both in term of sheer technical development as well as approach and mindset. Truth be told, I never really gave my photograph a chance. I enjoyed it and it gives me great pleasure and even though I love the comments and compliments given by people, I always thought that my vision (and therefore my imagery) was normal. It wasn’t until I made a choice to bring my photography to a level where people would pay extra-ordinary amounts of money for it did I realy begin to challenge myself and therefore grow.

I feel that 2009 is going to be explosive. 2008 was a year of learning. 2009 is going to be a year of results…..


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Hello Again

I haven’t been writing for a long time. I’d like to say I’ve been busy but the truth is I was taking a break. My photography has taken a major reshuffle. I’ve sold off a lot of equipment to finance new ones. I was even looking into switching from Canon to Nikon but have decided against it (because I’ll still face the same issue described later). Having said that, I am still looking into radical change of gears. The equipment is just getting too heavy these days and I long for the days of being able to focus on the image rather than focussing on the equipment. The 1 D Mark III, as wonderful as it is, is just too heavy nowadays. Put a EF 24-70mm f/2.8 or the 70-200mm f/2.8 on the 1D Mark III and you have the hallmarks of a big workout. Am looking at the Leica M8 but the IR issue is still a worry for me.  But still, the India pictures were generally good although I messed up a few places here and there. Where is the next destination? Not sure yet but the yearning to take pictures is still very strong in me provided I can solve this nagging heavy equipment issue.


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Of Kings and Bersih

Bersih is an organisation promoting free and fair elections in Malaysia. Whilst I wouldn’t go into a detail commentary over what happened (I’m sure a search on google will yield many sites that do), I do think perhaps a different approach would have been better now (or in the future). The whole protest was tauted as organised by Bersih and the opposition parties therefore the perception will be that this is an anti-government rally. I somehow wished that it could have been free of politics i.e. it’s not tied in with any political party (and therefore doesn’t need any endorsements from any of them) and that it’s a gathering of concerned citizens from those who support the government or the opposition (or heck even those who don’t support either). I think it would have gotten a better response. The way it was promoted (as being supported and endorsed by the opposition parties), do people actually think that the government would just allow it to happen (rightly or wrongly) without intervention?

An update of musings on this matter can be found here…..

Update: I’m actually quite shocked that in the last hour since I wrote this musing, more than 70 people have clicked on it, I think because somewhow this musing was tagged by on their fromnt page. Hmmmm. Have been warned that I can get myself on a watch list if I’m not careful. How do I become careful eh? Anyway, those who read this, you’re welcome to spend some time looking at the images from my photography as well as the lessons I have painfully written. That’s be a thrill for me to see those numbers go up…….

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Of lights and tea

I just came out of a gruelling 6 hours shoot of The House of Puer Tea. It was a tricky affair and my technical skill (or what’s there of it) was really pushed to the max. The lighting was very complex due to the design of the Tea House as well as my own obsession with fulfilling the ‘vision’. There was a wall which had a huge picture on it (I think about 5 metres wide and 2 meters 2 tall. The sunlight would stream in and completely blow of the picture. Contrast was terrible and I tried so many ways to compensate for it. I finally did it from 1 angle and then I had to do it from another angle, this time with a glass top table thrown in. I don’t think I did a very good job of the secong angle.

I found that the more I make attempts to be creative with the artificial lighting, the more miserable I fail. The shots where I took the camera off the tripod and just started blasting away were very good whilst the others where I took time to think about the shot came out flat. Sigh……….

I console myself by saying that This is the first time for me but I don’t feel that that is a good enough reason. Must do this again, and this time better, to redeem myself.

I’ll post pictures up later……….


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The speech of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah

I was moved to write about this speech given by HRH Sultan Azlan Shah on 29 October 2007 at the Opening Ceremony of the 14th Malaysian Law Conference. Many have written about it and if you do a search on google, you can find the views of all the commentators about how wonderful it is and I would echo the sentiment.

I hope that perhaps one day many years from today we can look to this speech and say, ‘well, that started it all and look how good things are today’.

I was having dinner with some friends today and we were lamenting the good old days of freedom and justice and one thing my friend said about India’s judiciary struck a chord deep within me. He said that the depth of India’s judicial system and thinking has achieved the level of sophistication which is deeply admired aroud the world because everyone there is a fierce protector and promoter of the constitution.

As I heard my friend tell me these stories, I was reminded of a speech made by HRH Raja Nazrin Shah at the Malaysian Bar Council
on April 4 2007. Again, I would echo the sentiments sentiments of people who applauded the speech

As I read the text of these 2 speeched, one question kept coming up in my mind- ‘What do we do now?’.

If I believe the future to be bleak, what am I doing to prevent it from being bleak?

If I believe the future to be bright, what am I doing to make sure it is bright?


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